Album Release Aug 2018

Mikkeli: In the Shadow of T-ReX

In the shadow of

Breaking up with tradition.

Tradition. There’s a lot to be said about it. Musically speaking, on the one hand we have bands. On the other, DJs. And on yet another we have producers, that Dj their own songs. Even though they have sung on nearly all the tracks themselves, live, essentially, all they do is press play.
Then there’s solo performers. Either just a mic in hand, or more traditionally, a guitar.
What if you took the best elements from each, mashed them together, used a singer that produced and sings the tunes, and performed solo, live, on something other than tradition dictates. Like a drum kit.
Then throw in some synths triggered by the drum kit, and just to keep it really interesting, 2 fully improvised sections. An organic/electronica experience so exotic, you‎ have to hear for yourself.
How could that not possibly not be interesting, and a huge break from, yes, you got it tradition.
‘In Your Dreams’ IS that very un-traditional exotica.
Come and loose your traditional senses at Kulma Bar, at 11 o’clock, see for yourself. And hear.

Jurassic Rock Festival

Its going to be hot. Really hot. At last. And the weather will be too!
‘In Your Dreams’ ^ AndiA ^ takes headline slot at Jurassic Rock, camping area stage!
See and hear electronica big beat…with live drums and vocals…not only songs, but 2! improv sets, dropping special drumkit FX into the mix. Like nothing you’ve heard or seen before.
This Jurassic Rock Festival gig is the next big step forward in the progression of my life’s purpose. This is what I do best.. My live set has evolved into a finely tuned form..unfamiliar to you, yet still recognizable. Poised and loaded. With meaning, purpose and energy. Ready to hit your senses. Hard. Its going somewhere. And I’m going to take you all with me. Every single last one of you.
Oh, and there’s beer there too. Come get you some!

News and Blog

The new Hi Res video. Its out. A quick fire dnb nv cover. A re-make. Built from scratch. Mixed and produced by AndiA, at Aurora Productions. Bring the fire!