AndiA is a singing hybrid drummer solo act. With a drum kit, a vocal mic and a laptop, InYourDreams invites you to take the next step forward into brave and creative new territory. IYD is a combination of self- written conventional songs with vocals and a more experimental improvised live set.

AndiA is formerly from London, and started playing drums around the age of 14. Since then she has played in and toured with several bands; a hard rock/metal band Core, and an emo-core indie band Consider. InYourDreams is a deeper foray of AndiA’s earlier side project in the late 1990’s, Tribal Agenda, which explored improvisation with drums, samples and digital hardware.

Over ten years ago AndiA moved to Finland, Mikkeli, which meant a big change in her musical career. A small town lacks the amount of people to make up eclectic bands. Rather, they come from more conventional rock, blues or jazz backgrounds. “I wanted to do something completely different; nothing wrong with the standards, but my saying is, if it’s been done before, I’m not interested in doing it again. I want to break new ground”, says AndiA.

With no musicians or singers readily available the artist decided to go solo. AndiA had been singing backing vocals with previous bands, so adding vocals as an element or layer in the music was a calling.

The result is InYourDreams, a unique solo act backed up with unusual visual style. AndiA loves dresses and high heels, and there’s nothing better than performing in a skimpy outfit! So InYourDreams is also a celebration of gender. It serves to encourage and inspire everybody to be different, their true self and reach for their dreams.