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The new Hi Res video. Its out. A quick fire dnb nv cover. A re-make. Built from scratch. Mixed and produced by AndiA, at Aurora Productions. Bring the fire!  

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  1. Here’s something I’ve been wondering, to do with the album release soon. Which format would you like on? Is there a need for vinyl? who here would like that? and for that matter, going more retro, cassette tape? Of course, a hard copy in CD form is standard, and certainly will be released with all that lovely artwork too. But do you have any preferences for digital downloads? itunes, tune-core, CD-baby? other? Please let me know, I’d love to work together and hit it right on!

    • HI. Thanks for your interest. I use a smart Phone cam to the side of my kit. And an audio interface, integrated with my audio rig. A Focusrite Saffire Pro40, a 16ch mixing desk, and Ableton Live on the laptop. If you need further info, pls do let me know.

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